• The One And Done

    The One And Done

    The One & Done Sprint Triathlon   We didn’t want athletes to miss out on the Greatest Triathlon Party, so we added a single lap, end of the season Sprint Triathlon! The One & Done starts later in the day, so you can race and hang around and watch the rest of the Burrito Union

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  • Comrades


        COMRADES The Comrades are a 3-person relay, again, it can be male, female, co-ed…any mix of male to female! Each person does one segment in the triathlon. One person swims, and then tags off to biker, biker then tags off to runner. Each person HAS to do a leg in each triathlon. You

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  • Imperialists


    IMPERIALISTS This is the 2-person relay, and we don’t care if it’s male, female,or  co-ed! Each person does a full triathlon, and then tags off to teammate. You have to alternate triathlons. In other words, one person cannot do two triathlons back-to-back. Be prepared for mechanical mishaps and fatigue. If there is a mechanical problem,

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  • The Fat Capitalist

    The Fat Capitalist

      The Fat Capitalist You’re the one!  The ONLY one!  Whether you choose the 5 or 10 Hour, you’re doin’ the whole thing by yourself.  We applaud you!

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2014 Registration Open

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Peace-Love and Tri

The Burrito Union 5 & 10 Hour Triathlon

A Party For People With A Triathlon Problem!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Pattison Park, Superior, Wisconsin

The Burrito Union 5 & 10 Hour Triathlon is the most unique triathlon on the face of the earth!  There’s nothing like it anywhere else!


 2013 Results are Posted!





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